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We are known as South County Bank in most regions of Southern California, Surf City Bank in Huntington Beach, and Inland Valley Bank in Redlands. Bank at any of our convenient locations and experience the same superior customer care. One family of banks dedicated and focused to deliver excellence in performance, flexibility and technology.

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Deposit Services

Analysis Checking

Let your balances work for you by providing “buying power”. Enables larger companies with moderate to high activity levels to minimize costs and maximize financial resources. You receive an “earnings credit” for checking account funds to help pay for the services you use. We consistently exceed competitive market rates for earnings credit on your balances, giving you more buying power for the services you select. Contact a Relationship Officer or New Accounts Representative for detailed service fees and learn how your balances can work for you.

Unlimited Checking

Designed for small businesses with modest activity level and basic financial needs. Select services from our Online Cash Management suite of products and run your business more efficiently and economically.

  • Opening Deposit Required: $1,000.00
  • No monthly service charge if average balance of $5,000 is maintained
  • Monthly Fee if balance falls below $5,000 is $15
  • If balance falls below $2,500 then the fee is $20

Interest Checking

Available for Sole Proprietors, Non-Profit Organizations and Fiduciaries, this unlimited check writing account gives you broad access to your funds while earning interest on a daily basis.

  • Opening Deposit Required: $1,000.00
  • No monthly service charge if the average balance of $5,000 is maintained
  • Monthly Fee if balance falls below $5,000 is $15.00

Money Market Savings

We offer custom Money Market Accounts to suit your investment needs. A compliment to your checking account, a money market account earns interest on your balances until you need them. Whether regular Business Money Market or our Platinum Money Market, we offer highly competitive pricing and an account to meet your investment strategy. Transactions on money market accounts are limited to six transactions per statement cycle, not more than three of those may be by check to a third party. Excessive transaction fees will apply.

Business Money Market

  • Opening Deposit Required: $1,000.00
  • No monthly service charge if the minimum daily balance of $5,000 is maintained
  • Monthly Fee if balance falls below $5,000 is $15.00
  • Excess activity charge is $15 per excess transaction

Platinum Money Market
Opening Deposit Required: $50,000.00

Investment Sweeps

Maximize your money with sweep accounts so every dollar reaches the highest return for you. Tied to one or more business checking accounts, your excess funds are swept each day into a single investment account and swept back into your operating account, whenever you need it. Your Relationship Manager will work with you to establish a target balance to be maintained in your operating accounts and the threshold for sweeping to your investment account. Contact us today to design a sweep account for your relationship portfolio.

Zero Balance Accounting

The ultimate cash management tool, a zero balance accounting portfolio provides an accumulation of balances in a single checking account while multiple operating and payroll accounts maintain zero balances. Improve control of your subsidiary accounts and reduce idle balances without tracking multiple accounts as checks or debits are presented on your subsidiary accounts. The master account transfers funds to zero balance accounts, whenever they are needed and provides clear reporting on the flow of funds. It is no longer required to maintain balances in multiple accounts to avoid service charges. Fixed monthly fees for the zero balance accounting portfolio keeps your smart money working for you. Contact us today to design zero balance accounting for your relationship portfolio.

Payroll Processing

We can assist you in obtaining professional payroll service and receive accommodation pricing based on your total portfolio relationship with the bank. Save time and increase security over this critical function of your business and your set up charges are free!

Merchant Card Services

Maximize your sales by accepting more of your customer’s payment choices: VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express, and Debit Cards. All credit card deposits are processed electronically to your account at the Bank.

With just one phone call, your business receives complete merchant card services with prompt credit for electronic drafts. Accept all major credit and debit cards to help increase your sales and ensure a prompt collection of funds. State-of-the-art draft capture equipment and local support gives you the peace of mind you seek in a business relationship. Best of all, your set up charges are free!


Cash Management Solutions

eCorp Online Banking

One of the greatest challenges of a business is efficiently managing working capital. If collecting outstanding receivables, managing your inventory, and knowing your cash position at any time is important to you, then eCorp can help. Today’s style of business is no longer nine-to-five, but 24/7. We offer cash management solutions for today’s fast paced business environment. Whether in the office, at home or on the road, our Online Cash Management lets you manage all your business accounts, make critical financial transactions and access a wealth of financial data – all with desktop ease.

Whether your business is large or small, Online Cash Management gives you access to the financial tools and information needed to compete effectively in today’s marketplace. Take a look at some of the features:

  • View balance and transaction information
  • Export data
  • Transfer funds
  • Manage wire transactions
  • Manage Stop Payments
  • Initiate ACH transactions
  • Manage payroll deposits
  • Make EFTPS Payments
  • Electronic Bill Payment

Remote Checking

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

Wherever your business footprint, close to home or across the country, we’re right next door. You can now make deposits from any or your offices and never leave the building. With RDC you simply scan your checks with our desktop scanner, and transmit the information directly to the bank. Many times a day, at your convenience. Eliminate the need to photocopy checks for future reference, we provide an image file for you. Minimize preparation time and maximize the efficiency of your staff. No longer does your employee have to leave your office to go to the bank, eliminate courier expense and speed up the collection of your funds for optimum availability. Safe, secure, convenient and innovative technology … from our cash management suite of services. Call our cash management team today to demonstrate how your company can step into this exciting new world of business services.

Electronic Payments

ACH (Automatic Clearing House) origination provides you the ability to make and collect payments electronically without writing a check. Streamline payments, improve collectability and reduce transaction costs and check fraud with electronic payments and collections. Visit our Cash Management solutions through eCorp for more information and call us today to discuss your electronic payment needs.

Positive Pay

Fight fraud and avoid potential loss with early detection of a breach to your funds. Review checks presented for payment before making final decisions with Positive Pay. Easy and quick to adopt, just provide us with a daily file of the checks issued and we’ll match them up. You’ll receive a daily email of outstanding exceptions and a user friendly login where you can view and authorize checks for payment or return. Take a proactive control of your funds and we’re here to help you with an interactive risk mitigation tool. Call our cash management team today to learn more.

Mobile Banking

A compliment to the exciting online and cash management suites of products, Mobile Banking let’s you access your account balances, see checks that have paid, transfer funds between accounts, and even approve ACH origination and Wire Transfers; from wherever you are. Through a secured network and password access, you can manage your banking on the go. In the airport, in the car, in the lobby of a client’s office … Mobile Banking is the absolute convenience and necessity of the entrepreneur or international executive. Call our cash management team today to learn more.

Cash Vault

Enhance the control of your cash orders and deposits with our Cash Vault Services while saving time and money by eliminating your trips to the bank. We will arrange for your deposits to be picked up and delivered in time for same day credit to your business account with our Armored Transport Services.

Armored Transport

Enhance the control of your cash orders and deposits with our Cash Vault Services while saving time and money by eliminating your trips to the bank. We will arrange for your deposits to be picked up and delivered in time for same day credit to your business account with our Armored Transport Services.


Lending Services

Business Lines of Credit

We understand about the ebb and flow of cash in your business. A business line of credit gives you the stability you need for your daily operating capital and maintains your excellent credit rating while providing efficiency to your operation. Your line of credit is advanced at your request into your business checking account and paid back when you collect your receivables. Let us help you stabilize your cash flow with a flexible and competitive Business Line of Credit. Contact us today to discuss your business and lending needs.

Commercial Term Loans

Whether you need money for expansion or a new warehouse, we’re ready with loans that offer flexible terms and competitive rates. Term loans allow you to make payments that you can afford over an extended period of time to finance those improvements or longer term investment needs. We’re proud to be a neighborhood business bank and have made it a point to understand local business challenges and to develop loan products to meet your needs. Contact us today to discuss a commercial term loan.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Why rent when you can own your own building? We offer a broad suite of financing programs designed specifically for your commercial real estate needs. Fixed and adjustment rate products with custom pricing and flexible features. Contact one of our professional commercial real estate managers today.

  • Commercial property acquisition financing – with up to 90% financing on qualified owner occupied property
  • Commercial property improvement projects
  • Refinancing of owner occupied commercial real estate property
  • Financing of investor properties including Mixed Use & Special Purchase Properties
  • Terms up to 25 years fully amortized
  • Streamlined application and processing in most cases
  • Primary core banking relationship

Equipment Financing

Qualified borrowers can obtain up to 100% financing on specific new equipment acquisitions for terms of up to ten years at competitive rates. Credit amounts from $100,000 to $3.0 million. Contact us today to talk about your equipment needs and a flexible plan to meet your financing needs.

SBA Financing

Ready to make the leap … we can help you take advantage of opportunities available to you as a small business operator through the Small Business Administration (SBA). Our lending team offers services including in-house approval, competitive rates, and loan amounts up to $2,000,000 fully amortized. As a Preferred Lender of the Small Business Administration, financing a new business doesn’t have to be complicated. We make financing simple, convenient and fast. Contact our team of SBA specialists today for any of these small business needs.

  • Business Acquisition
  • Franchising
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Equipment
  • Working Capital

Construction Loans

If you are trying to realize your dream for a home you’ve saved for all your life: we have just the loan for you. We’ll be there during the entire length of your building project and we routinely approve loans that include a land draw component. We make loans for people who have property in our community. Each loan is reviewed on a case by case basis and we focus on the positive. We do everything we can to help our customers build. Let us assess your situation and suggest the best loan to fit your needs. Contact us today to discuss your construction need.

Accounts Receivable Financing

Let us help improve your cash flow with an accounts receivable line of credit. If you have outstanding invoices and expenses due, use our accounts receivable line of credit to bridge the gap. This flexible credit line can give you peace of mind when paying your expenses, or helping with the growth of your company. Contact our accounts receivable manager today.